Hello world! An invitation to share our passion for African art

We have decided to create this blog for different purposes:

  • We would like to share with you my interest about the African culture
  • We would like to promote our articles that are currently on sales in Ebay.ie.

We are  pretty new to the selling world of Ebay  myself and we  am really exited by this new adventure.

By the way, let’s introduce you to our organization:

  • Who are we


Afrik’Art is an organisation specialized in importing and selling original and unique works of art from Africa. We are based in Ireland. We are currently importing most of our goods from Ivory Coast as we know very well this country and its great culture. We intend to broaden our suppliers to other countries in the coming years. We can offer you a large range of unique handmade crafts: masks, figurines, Ebony statues, cast bronze statues, clothes. We can also import some special goods upon your request thanks to the close relationship that we developed with our suppliers. We do our best to provide the highest quality products, and concentrate on finding items with great appearance and condition. We select all our items individually from our suppliers. All our suppliers are talented artists living in Africa. We met face to face with all the suppliers making sure that the products are of high quality. We have a strong relationship with all our suppliers. We purchase all our products from low-income artists at fair prices. .





  • Mission and Vision statement


Through our organization we intend to promote African art and talented African artists unknown from the public. All of our art is hand-crafted, handmade. We would like to introduce the general public and advance audience to some unique craft from various regions of Africa at a fair price. We also believe that all the artists who are involved in our organization should get a fair income for all the work they do.


 Find below some pictures. I will give you some more details in my coming posts.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


You can find some of our articles if you visit the following link:




~ by myafrikart on April 8, 2008.

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