African art and MyAfrikart mission

After few months of silence,Myafrik’art is back on ebay and also we are back on the blog to write more about African art. This break allowed us to make intensive research in relation to African art. So stay tune!

First of all, I would like to introduce you to our new mission:

– Promotion of handmade African art and craft (all the items are directly bought by us in West Africa and we have a trustful relationship with our suppliers).

-Promotion of local African artists. We both love Africa and its culture. One of us grew in Africa while the other one spent a long time in Africa

-Mix between traditional African art and current African art. We are against the looting of African art in Africa.

Therefore all our items are made in a traditional way but we also know that nobody had to be chased away from his/her village because of our pieces. Too many people that think are interested in African art want the special piece that was part of a ceremony as they think that it is the only real African art . It happened many times to my friend before. Some people will criticize his items telling him that they are fake just because they wanted this special piece. However all these “not so smart”people tend to forget that because of poverty, sometimes some young boy or girl in a village will steal the sacred mask that they want so much and then the boy or girl will get chase away from his/ her village because of this act. We are definitely against this and therefore if you are this type of person, don t even bother contacting us. It is also important to note that in African tradition, sometimes a mask is created for a special ceremony and after the ceremony it is left alone and even given to the children to play with as the mask fulfilled its goal and it is now useless for the village. Therefore it might happen that we have such type of masks or items in our inventory.

~ by myafrikart on October 25, 2008.

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